Juno Lamb Food & Friends – Games for Kids 2-5 years old

*3 games in 1. Everything included. No in-app purchases. Perfect app for kids 2-5 years old.

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Welcome to play in Appelsin Town where you can visit different animals and have a picnic, decorate your own cupcakes and plant and harvest carrots among other fun things. Fun learning games for kids where you learn how to grow vegetables and recognize different food, animals, colors and sounds in an entertaining way.

– Have a picnic with Juno Lamb
– Decorate your own cupcakes together with Gigi Giraffe
– Visit Lily Bunny and grow, plant, water and harvest carrots
– Open mail that Zebra Zach delivers and discover fun things
– Play with nice and cute animals
– No in-app purchases (everything included)
– No third-party advertising
– Parental gate
– Kid-friendly interface & designed with kids in mind
– Play without wi-fi or internet
– Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers 2 to 5 years old

Visit Juno Lamb and have a nice picnic together. You decide where all the plates and glasses should stand and you can open the picnic basket and grab food and fruits that you can give Juno Lamb.

Decorate your own cupcakes that you can give Gigi Giraffe to eat. You can decorate them with blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers or a carrot and you can put colorful sprinkles on your cupcakes.

Go and see Lily Bunny who is growing carrots. You can water the plants with the watering can and see the carrots grow bigger and bigger. You can also click on the cloud and make it rain so that the plants grow and then you can harvest the carrots and give them to Lily bunny to eat.

Play as many times as you want to. Entertaining and educational game to introduce your child to food, planting and baking in a fun way.

Educational app:
– Improves the motor skills
– Improves the memory skills
– Improves the focusing skills
– Helps to recognize food
– Helps to recognize animals
– Helps to recognize sounds
– Helps to recognize colors



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