Call Lulu Lamb – Fun voice recording app for Kids

FREE game for kids. Call Lulu Lamb who you can talk to, poke or tickle and have a telephone conversation with. Everything included. No ads and No in-app purchases. Fun voice recording app for kids! Download for FREE on App Store!

Call lulu lamb













– Press the red telephone and Lulu Lamb will pick up the phone and answer.
– Talk to Lulu Lamb who will repeat what you say.
– Poke Lulu’s face, belly or feet.
– Tickle Lulu’s belly.
– Free game.
– No in-app purchases.
– No third-party advertising.
– Everything included.
– Kid-friendly interface & designed with kids in mind.
– Parental gate.
– Play without wi-fi or internet.
– Perfect for kids in all ages.

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Call Lulu Lamb – Free download App Store

Call Lulu Lamb is a FREE “play and learn” app tested by children around 1-5 years old. The interface is clear, interactive and it is a great free app to introduce your kids, toddlers, preschoolers and babies to and entertain them with in a kid-friendly way.

We do not track behavior, analyze nor share information in our games.