Happy Band – Baby Musical Instruments & Nursery Rhymes

Happy Band is a fun activity for children that will teach your child to recognize instruments and sounds in an educational and entertaining way. There are nursery rhymes and original kids songs included that you can choose the band to play.

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Each character plays their own instrument in Happy Band:

  • Tiggy Tiger – Singing & Tambourine
  • Monkey Moe – Trumpet
  • Bobbi Bear – Saxophone
  • Zebra Zach – Clarinet
  • Henry Hippo – Guitar
  • Birdie Blue Bob – Maraca
  • Ellie Elephant – Drums
  • Ricko Raccoon – Cymbals
  • Gigi Giraff – Piano


This music activity for kids is an educational and entertaining game where you and your child get to explore music together and it will help your kid to learn the musical instruments and sounds. They can puzzle and pick the right music instrument for the band members, like guitar, piano, drums and the sounds that each of them makes.

The interactive activity in this app are especially designed for small kids and teaches your child to:

  • Recognize sounds
  • Recognize instruments
  • Recognize animals
  • Improve their memory skills
  • Improve their motor skills

We do not track behavior, analyze nor share information in our games.

  • No third-party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • Kid-friendly interface

Thank you for playing!

Happy Band – Download App Store!

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