Gigi Giraffe Space Adventure

Welcome to Gigi Giraffe Space Adventure for Kids. In this space game your child can explore the space together with Gigi Giraffe and her friends. This game will help your child to understand more about the space, earth and how the sun goes up and down in an easy, fun and educational way.

New Energy Taxes = Less Energy
Gigi Space Adventure – Download App Store!

New Energy Taxes = Less Energy


**BMA awards Silver Winner  – Best educational app**





Gigi Giraffe, Ricko Raccoon and Birdie Bob takes their spaceship and flies into space to explore the space together. They can look at the moon that circulates around the earth and they get to meet some funny aliens. In this space game you can add stars and they are weightless in space so you can use your finger to move them around among other things.

– No in-app purchases
– No third-party advertising
– Parental gate
– Kid-friendly interface

Space for kids gigi space

Does your kid ask “Where is the sun?” or “Why is it so dark?” and “What is that?” and points at the sky, Gigi Space Adventure can help you explain all that in a good way.

– Helps to understand about the sun, earth and space
– Helps to understand about day and night
– Improves the motor skills
– Improves the memory skills
– Improves the focusing skills
– Helps to recognize the nature behavior

Gigi Space Adventure is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers around 2-4 years old. It is a good educational game for kids where you get knowledge about how the sun goes up and down and how the sun circulates around the earth in space in an entertaining way. Gigi Space Adventure for Kids 2-4 years old is a “play and learn” game tested by toddlers and preschoolers. The interface is clear, interactive and designed to suit small children in the best way and supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Appelsin Apps makes entertaining and educational games designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers between 1-5 years old.

New Energy Taxes = Less Energy
Gigi Space Adventure – Download App Store!

New Energy Taxes = Less Energy 

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